"Scissors Are Sharp & Easy To Use"
Debbie Taylor, KY

In May of 2013 I was the lucky recipient of the monthly email sign up gift from Havel's. I received 5 different pieces of Havel's scissors/rotary cutters. I had just purchased the special buy one/get one free set of scissors, during the Cincinnati Quilt Show. I LOVE them. They are very sharp, easy to use, fit good in my hand, and I would purchase another pair anytime I might need a different size. The serrated blade is great for holding your fabric pieces, while cutting or trimming. The small pair is good for projects where you need a pair of scissors, right by your side, for clipping threads, etc. I do lots of English Paper Piecing, quilt bindings and many other machine piecing and need scissors to be handy. I also carry a pair in my "to go" bag, for taking with me to the quilt shop for our weekly "sit and sew" day. Before last spring, I had never used Havel's scissors, but since I have, I highly recommend them for use on any project you would be working on! Debbie Taylor

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