"These Fabric Scissors Are Lifesavers"
Ruth Barrett, KY
The Havel’s 7 inch and 8 inch fabric scissors are absolute lifesavers. Havel’s Sew Creative Series of fabric scissors are so lightweight in comparison to others I have worked with and are so much easier on my arthritic hands. Not only are the handles a beautiful color, but they are also are extremely comfortable while holding. These scissors are impressively sharp, but they do come with a safety cover so that they won’t poke through a bag or accidentally cut you while digging them out of storage in your sewing kit or box. I've had mine for over two years, and I use them every time I sew. They are still good as new, even after so much use. My old pair are now tossed in drawer for others to use so that I can keep my Havel’s scissors hidden for the important jobs! Also, your customer service is excellent and extremely easy to do business with. It’s hard to find a company like Havel's these days that will so readily stand behind their products. I’m officially hooked on Havel’s! Ruth Barrett

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