"I Depend on Havel's Products Everyday"
Betsy Faske, TX
I feel compelled to let Havel's know, first off, that I am a very picky seamstress/quilter/machine embroiderer. I've worked in the fiber arts, including my own business, for over 45 years! I've learned that when I find a superior and dependable product to stay with it. Havel's idea of using the identical base and using different replaceable blades is ingenious! The Seam Ripper blades are AMAZING! The Ultra-Pro II's Buttonhole Cutter replaceable blades are the VERY best I have ever used. The blade cuts a very fine, yet definite opening on my buttonholes (which, by the way, I create exclusively on my 10-needle embroidery machine). I have NEVER found any other product that comes even close. And believe me, I have tried quite a few in 45 years! I absolutely depend on these two Havel's products in my everyday orders when customers come to shop with me. Thanks again for creating two wonderful items!! Betsy Faske
Owner of Needles and Pins

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