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6" Double-Pointed Duckbill Appliqué Scissors


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Get to all those tight corners with Elsa’s Double-Pointed Duckbill Scissors! The double-pointed blades allow you to cut at sharp angles and tight corners without needing to change scissors, and the large finger loops add extra comfort on tired or arthritic hands. The wide outer edge of the duckbill separates and lifts fabric that is cut away while protecting your base layer like traditional duckbill styles.

● Double-pointed blades allow cutting of sharp angles
    and tight corners
● Wide duckbill edge “pushes away” extras layers
    of fabric
● Thin lower blades make cutting close to stitching
    easier than ever
● Double curve of handles keep hands up and away
   from surface
● Large finger loops add comfort, easy on tired or
    arthritic hands
● Perfect for cutting out Appliqué without damaging the
    rest of your fabric

Finally, appliqué scissors that can reach those tight angles!

Item Code: 80042

*Also available in left-handed

*80042 Double-Pointed Duckbill Scissors - Patent Pending

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