Santa's List
In one tidy little package you have three of Havel's Best Appliqué scissors. Click on each item for a complete description.

3 1/2" Stitch Cutting Scissors
● Single notched blade removes threads with ease
● Perfect for cutting a single stitch without tearing the rest
   of your fabric
● Easy to grip – comfortable to use

5 1/2" Serrated Fabric and Sewing Scissors
● Blades “grip” the fabric to cut slippery fabrics and
   multiple layers
● Versatile, ideal for embroidery, appliqué and
   other projects
● Precise cuts, great for detail work

6" Double-Pointed Duckbill Appliqué Scissors
● Double-pointed blades allow cutting of sharp angles and
   tight corners
● Double curve of handles keep hands up and away
   from surface
● Perfect for cutting out appliqué without damaging the rest
   of your fabric

Item Code: 30015-60140-80042
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